Our illusions

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There was a scene in a movie called “Instinct” which taught me a vital lesson about life.   Cuba Gooding Jr. plays a psychiatrist taking on the case of Anthony Hopkins, who had gone on a rampage and killed 2 poachers in the African jungle.   They have several talks over a period of time, the two men the only occupants of a visitor room at a mental institute.    Hopkins shows no threatening behavior and Gooding Jr. becomes relaxed in the meetings.  The scene that can teach us a lot about life is when Hopkins makes a surprise attack and gets Gooding Jr. in a hold that he cannot escape from.  Hopkins says he will let him go if he can tell him what changed.   Gooding Jr. makes several attempts to get the right answer which are all based on Hopkins’ actions but eventually announces that all that has happened is he has lost his illusions.  This answer is the one Hopkins is looking for and he lets go of Gooding Jr.

So what does this teach us about life, especially now in this economic climate?   I believe we need to step back from our current challenges and think about the answer  Gooding Jr. gave, stop thinking about why we were laid off, or why our home is now only worth half what we paid for it.  We simply lost our illusions, nothing else really changed.  The illusion of a safe job, or that property prices always go up.  A lot of the things people believe in are illusions and often we believe in them because we base our expectations on how things have been in the past.  Understanding more about life’s illusions may make us better prepared for the challenges life throws our way.

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Mixed bag of interests

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This blog will be a mixed bag of my interests – social web, enterprise 2.0, books, leadership, life, encore careers, entrepreneurship, and anything else I think may be of topical interest at the time.

I have been commenting on other blogs for too long, time to start my own.  Hope my thoughts and strategies are useful to my readers and help them form a strategy 4 success in business, or life.

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